Glow in the dark tour

"Just like when I saw Hendrix play at the Forum," is how my Dad put it when I told him of the night before. He went on to say, "The rock acts would come to LA and play there because, at the time, it had the largest LA seating capacity."

Stadium status indeed. Remarkable is an understatement.

Here's my perspective..

There was something real unique about how that show went down. Something about that crowd, and my observation of people there. The sense of witnessing something phenomenal has never hit me like it did. For example, Jamie Foxx and L.A. Reid were ushered 2 rows behind me; No Doubt to my left; the Laker's Farmar within arms reach; Pete & Ashlee walking by; Common just cruising around, and every other person sitting there about to freak out. They were all there to see Kanye West.

It's his time right now, and he has positive forward momentum like none other. How did this longevity build into a beast? He pointed himself towards greatness and didn't let down until he either failed, or hit his mark. And we know one of those isn't an acceptable route to EVER settle on.

Anyways, the whole show was an eye-opener. And I'm planning on finding myself at the June 7th show @ Staples, except this time I'll sneak my camera.

While I'm at it,

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