2.10.09 marks  AIR TGOOD  as history.

 I'm focused on new web projects, 1 personal and 1 business:

 a company; that does branding, marketing, and business development... - 

_& so many more possibilities in the works, it's remarkable. I know theres a lot to be thankful for,
what about you?

What I've been hearing as of late...
Kid Cudi mixtape, QTIPs Renaissance,  Chilled Beats UK, 808s, DJ Krush, & The Art of Noise

.none of this will happen by accident >

"always do something worth talking about..." - unknown  so thankyou as my audience

--- ---------company launching soon.----- ------- --- --

Let 2009 continue to mold into the year we are worthy of....  


I'm real thankful for 2008 but in particular I appreciate Sakiya Sandifer. I take away something new each time we speak.  

Leaving the GITD tour, I picked up 3 copies of "Thank You and You're Welcome".  Some time passed and this blog turns up under his list of favorite websites. After that I wanted to get a hold of him, so I sent out an email to every I could think of. Persistence & determination can make anything happen. Since then I've traveled to Chicago & NYC on behalf of The Think Movement. 

shout out to Armand


Life isn't a matter of milestones, but a matter of moments. It is not who you know, but how you are known by those that know you. 

the year behind.....

I'm coming straight ahead for you, I'm hungriest, and I'm ready.