Ending the discussion about a new project and my trip to Beaverton, the subject of Kanye West arose. After my long-distance call to Oregon tonight, it was discovered this pair won't be hitting shelves. I first spotted these sneakers on Hypebeast, 3 days later I saw them glowing in person at the 4/21 Nokia show.

With the internet greats even calling this shoe one of the most anticipated to be released,
something has to happen right? It will, but it won't be affecting you or me. Those responsible for helping in his custom one-off's will be attending the Portland show as a Thank You..

I still have trouble explaining to people what the magic of a blog is, let alone what can be done with it. But I do know something comes from it. At the rate of our demand for new needs, it stays in forward positive motion. Unfortunately, this story ends with one step backwards. But it's not to say that it's already 4 steps ahead somewhere else.

I can guarantee that there is a crew on tour right now enjoying the power of blogs. Maybe they can share a picture of the pair made out of his leather jacket that I heard about.

Original photo courtesy of: Hypebeast